Growing Eucalyptus from Seed in Challenging Conditions

Are you a flower enthusiast who dreams of having lush eucalyptus plants grown from seed adorning your arrangements and wreaths? The reality can be quite challenging, especially if you live in a cold climate with a short growing season. But fear not, for there is hope!

In this article, we will explore the journey of successfully growing eucalyptus from seed in a cold climate and how to improve your harvest. We’ll delve into the strategies and techniques to overcome the obstacles that come with growing eucalyptus in challenging conditions.

woman in coral shirt holding eucalyptus seedlings

If you prefer visual guidance, check out the YouTube video I created on How to Grow Eucalyptus in a Cold Climate:

How to Grow Eucalyptus in a Cold Climate

The Challenge of Growing Eucalyptus from Seed

While growing eucalyptus from seed may seem simple in theory, it presents unique challenges in a cold climate with a short growing season. Eucalyptus requires approximately 200 days to mature, which means you need to start the seeds as early as January or February in Zone 3. Additionally, eucalyptus is known for its slow germination and growth rate.

In my personal experience, I started my eucalyptus seeds in mid-February one year, but due to a particularly cold summer, the plants did not receive the necessary heat they required. As a result, the largest plant only reached a height of 12-18 inches and lacked the desired bushiness.

small eucalyptus plant

Developing a Growing Strategy for Cold Climates

If you’re new to growing eucalyptus from seed, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the challenges:

  1. Determine your first and last frost dates. Knowing these dates will provide a framework for planning your growing season effectively.
  2. Count backwards from the last frost date by 200 days. This will indicate the latest date you should start your seeds. Consider starting them slightly earlier to accommodate slower germination or colder-than-usual summers.
  3. Pay careful attention to hardening off your seedlings. After investing time and effort into growing them, it would be disheartening to lose them. Consider using removable tunnels or similar techniques to simplify the hardening off process.
  4. If you have access to a greenhouse, plant the eucalyptus seedlings directly in the ground within the greenhouse. This will create a more favorable environment and extend the growing season.
  5. For those without a greenhouse, select the warmest microclimate in your yard to cultivate the eucalyptus plants.
  6. Regularly water your plants, and you should be rewarded with fragrant bunches of eucalyptus in late August and into September.
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hand holding a bouquet of eucalyptus

Where to Buy Eucalyptus Seeds

Finding a reliable source for eucalyptus seeds, especially in Canada, can be a challenge. However, several online seed companies cater to this demand. It’s essential to plan ahead and place your order well in advance, as eucalyptus seeds often sell out quickly and shipping times can be slow.

Here are some reputable online seed companies, in no particular order, that offer eucalyptus seeds:

two small eucalyptus plants in newspaper

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Thank you for taking the time to explore the world of growing eucalyptus in challenging climates. I hope this article has inspired and equipped you with the knowledge to embark on your own successful eucalyptus-growing journey. Happy gardening!