Discover the Allure of Short Snake Plant Varieties

Are you a fan of Sansevierias? Looking for captivating centerpieces to adorn your tabletops and shelves? Look no further! In this article, we explore the charm of short snake plant varieties that will elevate your decor to new heights. Get ready to be inspired by these unique and stylish plants!

Unveiling the Best Tabletop Snake Plant Varieties

1. Sansevieria pinguicula

Best Tabletop Snake Plant Varieties
Image source: j.s.c.plantspace

Popular Name: Walking Sansevieria

This foot-tall beauty is perfect for small tables. Its uniform blue-green, thick, pointy, and channelled leaves create a striking display.

2. Sansevieria parva

Kenya Hyacinth
Image source: pixiesflora

Popular Name: Kenya Hyacinth

Embrace the delightful fragrance of creamy-white flowers with this compact snake plant variety. It can reach a height of 1-1.5 feet and adds a touch of elegance to any tabletop.

3. Sansevieria trifasciata Twisted Sister

Best Tabletop Snake Plant Varieties 2
Image source: Kubusanse

Popular Names: Twisted Sister Snake Plant, Gold Twist Sansevieria

Also known as Sansevieria Gold Twist, this variety features green-yellow leaves that twist and turn as it grows. With a height of 12-16 inches, it adds a touch of whimsy to your decor.

4. Sansevieria kirkii Silver Blue

Silver Blue Snake Plant
Image source: d_garden_haven

Popular Names: Silver Blue Sansevieria, Silver Blue Snake Plant

This miniature variety thrives in indirect light. Its thick, short silver-blue leaves, with dark longitudinal lines and wavy edges, bring a touch of sophistication to your tabletops.

5. Sansevieria Cylindrica Var. Patula Boncel

Starfish Sansevieria
Image source: deenely

Popular Names: Spear Orchid, Starfish Sansevieria, Skyline Spear

This succulent showcases fat, short leaves that spread like a fan. For optimal growth, provide it with bright filtered light and well-draining sandy soil.

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6. Sansevieria ehrenbergii Samurai Dwarf

Sansevieria samurai
Image source: thearidfan

Popular Names: Samurai dwarf, Sansevieria samurai

Looking for a compact snake plant variety? Look no further! With a height of only 4-6 inches, this plant offers short, thick, pointed leaves that grow in opposite directions—a true tabletop gem.

7. Sansevieria francisii

Francisii Plant
Image source: your_plantdaddy

Popular Name: Francisii Plant

Standing at 1.5-2 feet tall at maturity, this Sansevieria looks fantastic on plant stands. Its spiral arrangement of leaves growing on a stem adds a touch of elegance to any space.

8. Sansevieria trifasciata hahnii

Bird’s Nest Sansevieria
Image source: 59kvmplantor

Popular Names: Bird’s Nest Sansevieria, Golden hahnii, Good Luck Plant, Dwarf Mother in Law’s Tongue, Dwarf Snake Plant

This beautiful variety features flat green leaves patterned with green mottled horizontal bands. Its short stemless nature makes it an ideal choice for coffee tables and other small surfaces.

9. Sansevieria Moonshine

Moonshine snake plant
Image source: kolu4ka36

Popular Names: Sansevieria Futura Silver Offset, Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Moonshine’, Moonlight Sansevieria, Silver Moonshine, Moonlight snake plant

Upright silver-green tongue-shaped leaves define this stunning variety. Ensure it receives plenty of bright and indirect light to maintain its captivating color.

10. Sansevieria Ballyi

Dwarf Sansevieria
Image source: m_with_da_plants

Popular Name: Dwarf Sansevieria

This small succulent boasts symmetrical rosettes of dark green foliage with light green cross-bands, interconnected by stolons that grow up to 6 inches long. A truly charming addition to any tabletop.

11. Sansevieria ‘Golden hahnii’

Golden Hahnii Snake Plant
Image source: cielitoplants

Popular Name: Golden Hahnii Snake Plant

Featuring dark green foliage with creamy margins, this dwarf cultivar maintains its dense form, making it the ideal choice for coffee tables and other small surfaces.

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12. Sansevieria fischeri

Fischeri Snake Plant
Image source: saintsevieriaaficionado

Popular Name: Fischeri Snake Plant

Searching for a smart and compact plant for your office desk? Look no further than the Fischeri Snake Plant! This beauty stays between 12-16 inches and even produces clusters of white flowers.

13. Sansevieria patens

Patens Snake Plant
Image source: masami_masami526

Popular Name: Patens Snake Plant

With long leaves adorned in a dark shade of green, this beauty is both easy to maintain and stunning to look at. Bright, indirect light brings out its best features.

14. Sansevieria Cleopatra

Cleopatra Snake Plant
Image source: kvetaren

Popular Name: Cleopatra Snake Plant

If you adore frilled leaves, the Cleopatra Snake Plant is the perfect choice. Its intricate pattern of dark and light green leaves makes it a visual masterpiece.

15. Sansevieria Eilensis

Eilensis Snake Plant
Image source:

Popular Name: Eilensis Snake Plant

What sets this variety apart is its downward arching thick leaves with red-brown edges and a deep channel in the middle. A unique addition to any tabletop display.

16. Sansevieria Jade Marginata

Jade Snake Plant
Image source: hilya_detanaman

Popular Names: Jade Snake Plant, Jade Sansevieria

This handsome dwarf hybrid showcases compact foliage with contrasting shades of jade green and cream-yellow, making it an eye-catching addition to any tight rosette.

17. Sansevieria Coppertone

Copper Snake Plant
Image source: d_garden_haven

Popular Names: Copper Snake Plant, Copper Sansevieria

With stiff and elongated leaves in stunning copper to bronze tones, the Coppertone Snake Plant is a true showstopper. Its wavy edges add an extra touch of visual appeal.

18. Sansevieria masoniana

Whale Fin Snake Plant
Image source: _contain_yourself

Popular Names: Whale Fin Snake Plant, Shark Fin Snake Plant

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The large leaves of this variety resemble the fin of a whale or shark, making it a captivating table showpiece. Bright and indirect light is the key to its success.

19. Sansevieria cylindrica

Cylindrical Snake Plant
Image source: joniponi82

Popular Names: Cylindrical Snake Plant

Make a bold statement with this plant, showcasing clusters of cylindrical leaves. For a truly unique touch, grow it in face-shaped planters.

Embrace the World of Short Snake Plants

There you have it! A captivating tour of the best tabletop snake plant varieties. From the enchanting Walking Sansevieria to the bold Cylindrical Snake Plant, these compact beauties are sure to enhance your home or office decor. Embrace the world of short snake plants and elevate your space with their unique charm.

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