The Power of Mullein: Enhancing Your Smoking Experience

Calling all smoking enthusiasts! Whether you enjoy tobacco, cannabis, or even mushrooms (though we don’t recommend it!), we have an exciting revelation for you. Introducing mullein – the ultimate smoking companion that deserves a place in every smoking blend.

Unveiling the Benefits of Mullein

1. Aiding Respiratory Balance

When you smoke any plant, the heat and dryness of the smoke can affect your respiratory system. However, mullein comes to the rescue as a cooling herb that brings moisture to your lungs. By incorporating mullein into your smoking routine, you can maintain a balanced state and avoid discomfort.

2. Keeping Your Juices Flowing

If you’ve ever experienced cottonmouth as a cannabis smoker, you’ll appreciate mullein even more. Not only does smoke itself dry out your mouth, but THC also limits saliva production. Adding mullein to your flower can help combat this issue and ensure your mouth stays hydrated.

3. Enhancing Breathing

Mullein has the remarkable ability to relax your airways, making it easier for you to breathe deeply and slowly. By alleviating nervous tension, mullein helps guide your breath downward, resulting in a more calming and fulfilling smoking experience.

4. Smoother Smoke, Same Great Flavor

Worried that adding mullein to your smoking blend might affect the taste? Fear not! Mullein seamlessly blends with any terpene profile without altering the flavor. The only noticeable difference is the added smoothness that will leave your lungs feeling grateful.

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Harvesting Mullein for Smoking

Now that you’re eager to try mullein, let’s delve into how to harvest it specifically for smoking. Mullein leaves are the most suitable part of the plant for this purpose.

Scientifically known as Verbascum thapsus, mullein is a tall plant adorned with soft, fuzzy leaves. You may have spotted it growing near railroad tracks and in other urban areas. To ensure the leaves come from clean soil, far away from pollution, follow our step-by-step guide on how to dry fresh herbs for smoking (link to Ames Farm Center).

When harvesting mullein, remember to select leaves from first-year plants. As a biennial plant, mullein has a two-year life cycle. You can identify first-year mullein by the absence of a tall flower stalk and the slightly rounded tips of its leaves. Avoid harvesting leaves from second-year mullein, as they have more pointed tips.

smoking mullein plant leaves


If you prefer to purchase mullein leaf, ensure it is organic and free from hard stem bits. Remember to save the stems for tea, as they have their own unique benefits. Apart from smoking blends, mullein can also be used in tinctures or tea to maximize its potential. Its moisturizing qualities make it a perfect complement to your smoke sessions.

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To explore a variety of smoking blends and high-quality mullein, visit the Ames Farm Center website.