Give Your New Lawn the Perfect Start with Pro-Kleen Pre Lawn and Seed Starter Lawn Fertiliser

When it comes to giving your new lawn the best start possible, Pro-Kleen has got you covered. Our specially designed Pre Lawn and Seed Starter Fertiliser is the secret ingredient for a strong, healthy, and vibrantly green lawn. Whether you’re working with freshly seeded lawns or newly laid turf, this convenient granule provides all the essential nutrients your lawn needs to thrive.

The Perfect Nutrient Balance

Our formula is carefully balanced to deliver the ideal levels of nutrients for new growth. With an NPK level of 6-10-8, it provides a perfect blend of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. But we didn’t stop there. We’ve also added 2% Magnesium Oxide to the mix. Magnesium oxide is the central core of the chlorophyll molecule, and it works hand in hand with Nitrogen to give your grass a fuller and brilliantly green appearance.

Strong Roots, Healthy Growth

Our fertiliser promotes both growth and root strength. By using a combination of slow and fast-release Nitrogen, it gives your lawn an instant boost while providing long-lasting nutrients for up to 3 months. Nitrogen plays a crucial role in chlorophyll production, which is essential for strong growth and vibrant green color. Additionally, our formula contains a high concentration of phosphorus, which encourages robust and strong roots. This enables your new grass to absorb all the necessary nutrients it needs for rapid growth. And to top it off, we’ve added higher levels of Potassium to support your new grass in fighting lawn diseases, drought, and harsh weather conditions.

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Quick and Effective

Our fast-acting formula delivers results in no time. As soon as you apply the micro granules, they start nourishing and feeding your lawn. You’ll soon have a luscious new lawn that’s the envy of the neighborhood. It can be applied one week before laying or seeding your new lawn, or up to six weeks after. The nutrients are released slowly, ensuring your lawn stays healthy and vibrant for up to three months.

Safe for Everyone

We understand the importance of safety, especially when it comes to children and pets. That’s why our fertiliser is non-toxic and non-staining. You can rest easy knowing that once the product has been applied, kids and pets can return to the area without any worries. Unlike some other lawn feeds, our formula won’t stain hard surfaces, so you can enjoy your decking and driveways without any fear of damage.

Great Value and Wide Coverage

With Pro-Kleen Pre Lawn and Seed Starter Fertiliser, you get fantastic value for your money. Each 2.5kg tub can cover between 70m²-100m², ensuring you have enough product to nourish even larger lawns. So you can achieve the lawn of your dreams without breaking the bank.

Application Made Easy

Applying our fertiliser is a breeze. Simply spread between 25-35g/m² by hand or with a spreader. For best results, apply one week before seeding or turfing, and again six weeks after.

For the best start for your new lawn, choose Pro-Kleen Pre Lawn and Seed Starter Fertiliser. Visit Ames Farm Center to get your tub today and give your lawn the care it deserves.

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