The Exquisite Firesticks Succulent: A Guide to Growing and Caring

The firesticks succulent, also referred to as the “Euphorbia Tirucalli” or simply “sticks on fire,” is a truly exceptional and captivating plant that every succulent aficionado should add to their collection. With its vibrant colors of bright orange, red, yellow, and green, this shrubby succulent is a sight to behold. The intensity of its hue varies depending on the amount of sunlight it receives, ranging from a brilliant red to a warm orange.

One of the remarkable aspects of the firesticks succulent is how rapidly it grows. With its shrub-like growth habit, it can reach heights of up to 20 feet. Of course, the ultimate height depends on various factors such as the plant’s age, growing conditions, and the space it has to flourish. While it is more commonly cultivated outdoors due to its size, it is still possible to grow this succulent indoors, albeit in a more compact form.

When it comes to the ideal location for the firesticks succulent, it thrives in warm climates and can be grown outdoors as long as the weather remains suitable for succulent growth. However, it is not cold hardy, so it is essential to bring it indoors during the winter months if the temperature drops below 30 degrees. Once the weather warms up again, it can be safely returned outdoors.

Now, let’s delve into the necessary steps to grow and care for the firesticks succulent, both indoors and outdoors.

Soil for Firesticks ‘Euphorbia Tirucalli’

To ensure optimal growth and prevent root rot, it is crucial to select the right soil for your firesticks succulent. A soil mixture that consists of fast-draining ingredients such as sand and perlite is ideal. These components facilitate water drainage, which is essential in averting root rot. Additionally, using a soil enriched with seaweed fertilizer provides your succulent with over 60 minerals and nutrients, promoting healthy and robust growth.

Firesticks Succulent Soil

Consider using this remarkable soil for your firesticks succulent, as it will undoubtedly thrive in it, growing bigger, faster, and stronger.

Soil for Firesticks Euphorbia Tirucalli


Proper watering is essential for the well-being of your firesticks ‘Euphorbia Tirucalli.’ It is recommended to water it once every 1-3 days or when the soil appears or feels extremely dry. Be cautious not to overwater, as this can lead to root rot and potentially kill your succulent plant. Following the “soak and dry” method is crucial, ensuring you water only when the soil has fully dried. Keep an eye out for signs of both underwatering and overwatering.

Pot for Firesticks ‘Euphorbia Tirucalli’

Selecting a suitable pot for your firesticks succulent is of utmost importance. A succulent pot with proper drainage holes allows excess water to escape, preventing overwatering and root rot. Experienced succulent growers understand the significance of a pot with drainage holes when caring for any succulent. If your chosen pot lacks drainage holes, don’t worry! You can refer to our article on how to grow succulents in pots without drainage holes.

Where to Plant the Firesticks ‘Euphorbia Tirucalli’

The firesticks succulent is not cold hardy, so it is essential to avoid growing it outdoors during freezing temperatures. To ensure its survival, move it indoors during the cold winter season. Choose an outdoor location that receives at least six hours of sunlight each day for optimal growth, coloration, and to prevent etiolation. When growing indoors, ensure it is placed in an area that receives sufficient sunlight. If your home lacks adequate natural light, consider investing in grow lights.

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How to Propagate Firesticks ‘Euphorbia Tirucalli’


To propagate the firesticks succulent, take clean-cuttings using pruning shears. Cut the stem at an angle and leave enough room for planting the cuttings. Let the cuttings form a callus for 2-4 days before planting them in well-draining succulent soil.

The firesticks succulent is not only visually stunning but also an excellent addition to any succulent arrangement, whether indoors or outdoors. Its vibrant colors complement other succulent plants beautifully.

Growing and caring for the firesticks succulent is a straightforward and rewarding endeavor. Armed with the knowledge provided in this guide, you are now equipped to nurture this unique and marvelous succulent. Remember to handle the plant with caution and avoid contact with the white sap, ensuring a safe and enjoyable gardening experience.

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