Nutrigrow Elemental Sulphur: Unlocking the Secrets of Soil pH and Nutrient Balance

Are you wondering how to improve your crop yield and ensure optimal soil health? Look no further than Nutrigrow Elemental Sulphur. Packed with 90% elemental sulphur and 10% bentonite clay, this granular product offers a solution to deliver sulphur to your crops and balance soil pH levels. Let’s dive deeper into the transformative secrets of Nutrigrow Elemental Sulphur.

Balancing Soil pH and Maximizing Crop Potential

Sulphur, a vital element for plant growth, breaks down quickly and effectively in warm soils. Nutrigrow Elemental Sulphur provides the perfect blend of sulphur and bentonite clay, allowing for precise application rates. Whether you simply want to deliver sulphur to your crops or correct the soil pH, this granular product is the answer. Apply it manually or with a machine, incorporating it into the soil or letting it dissolve on the surface. The choice is yours!

Beyond the Surface: Additional Benefits

Nutrigrow Elemental Sulphur goes beyond its primary functions. While enhancing crop growth and soil pH, this product has also shown promising results in reducing worm casts in fine turf. By applying 100kg per hectare monthly for several months, you can push those pesky worms deeper into the soil. Additionally, sulphur compounds in Nutrigrow Elemental Sulphur can be utilized to provide or release calcium, addressing nutrient deficiencies commonly found in neutral or alkaline soils.

Unleashing the Potential: Our Recommendations

To make the most of Nutrigrow Elemental Sulphur, we suggest the following steps:

  • Choose from our 25kg or 600kg pack sizes, depending on your needs.
  • Read the product label thoroughly before use to ensure optimal results.
  • For alkaline soil, apply Sulphur; for acidic soil, opt for Granulated Lime.
  • Iron Sulphate can also help in reducing soil pH levels.
  • Consider completing a Soil Analysis to gain a better understanding of your area’s specific needs.
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Elevate Your Crop Production with Nutrigrow Elemental Sulphur

Experience the transformative power of Nutrigrow Elemental Sulphur for yourself. Boost your crop yield, improve soil pH, and unleash the full potential of your agricultural endeavors. Discover the secrets that Nutrigrow Elemental Sulphur holds and take your farming practices to new heights.

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