Discover the Beauty of Tall Plants with Yellow Flowers

When it comes to adding a pop of color to your garden or landscape, nothing beats the vibrancy of tall plants with yellow flowers. These stunning blooms not only brighten up any space but also attract pollinators and add a touch of radiance to your surroundings. From annuals to perennials and shrubs, there are plenty of options to choose from. Join us as we explore some of the most captivating tall plants with yellow flowers.

Annuals that Shine Brightly

Supertunia® Limoncello® Petunia

Imagine buttery yellow trumpet-shaped flowers blooming nonstop from planting until frost. That’s exactly what you get with the Supertunia® Limoncello® Petunia. This easy-to-grow annual is perfect for hanging baskets, window boxes, and even as a bedding plant or cascading along a wall. With a height range of 6-12 inches, this plant thrives in zones 10-11, making it a delightful addition to any garden.

Superbells® Lemon Slice® Calibrachoa

If you’re looking for a unique addition to your containers or hanging baskets, the Superbells® Lemon Slice® Calibrachoa is an excellent choice. Its pinwheel flowers in yellow and white create a striking visual impact. Plus, this carefree plant doesn’t require deadheading. Hardy in zones 9-11 and growing 6-12 inches tall, it adds a punch of color all season long.

Suncredible® Yellow Helianthus

For the essence of summer, nothing compares to the golden blooms of the annual Suncredible® Yellow Helianthus. Unlike other varieties, this compact sunflower flowers for longer periods. You can plant it in a kitchen garden or cottage-style border to attract pollinators and delight birds. With a height of 2-3 feet, it thrives in zones 9-11, and its deer resistance is an added bonus.

Bright Lights™ Yellow Osteospermum

If you’re looking to add some sunshine to the cooler months, the Bright Lights™ Yellow Osteospermum is the way to go. These sunny yellow annual flowers bloom profusely and pair perfectly with heat-loving plants for continuous color throughout the season. Their versatility makes them ideal for containers or landscapes. With a height range of 8-12 inches, they thrive in zones 9-11, and they’re both deer and rabbit resistant.

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Catalina® Gilded Grape™ Torenia

Challenging shady spots can be beautifully adorned with the Catalina® Gilded Grape™ Torenia. These wishbone flowers, with their yellow petals and purple throats, offer continuous bloom from summer to frost. Whether in containers, hanging baskets, window boxes, or shade gardens, this annual is a fantastic choice. With a height of 8-16 inches, it thrives in zones 10-11.

Double Delight® Primrose Begonia

For an annual that exudes charm, consider the Double Delight® Primrose Begonia. With its lightly scented double flowers in soft yellow and apricot, it’s the perfect choice for hanging baskets and window boxes. This popular plant blooms throughout the summer. It thrives in zones 9-11 and grows 8-14 inches tall.

Flambe® Yellow Chrysocephalum

Tolerant of heat, drought, and poor soils, the Flambe® Yellow Chrysocephalum, also known as common everlasting, is a versatile groundcover option. Its clusters of small yellow flowers bloom from planting until frost, making it ideal for rock gardens, mass plantings, and containers. With a height of 8-14 inches, this annual thrives in zones 9-10 and adds a touch of flair to any space.

Perennials that Bring Sunshine Year After Year

Amazing Daisies® ‘Banana Cream II’ Leucanthemum

A modern twist on a cottage garden favorite, the Amazing Daisies® ‘Banana Cream II’ Leucanthemum features lemony-yellow flowers that open to creamy white. This improved variety boasts more flower buds, earlier bloom time, and a more appealing growth habit. Plant it in containers or use it to edge beds and borders. With a height of 20-24 inches, it thrives in zones 5-9.

‘Bottle Rocket’ Ligularia

For a majestic display, the ‘Bottle Rocket’ Ligularia is an excellent choice. Its stately spikes of rich buttery flowers light up the landscape in mid-summer, adding a touch of elegance to shady borders, streamside gardens, or boggy areas. The bold serrated foliage provides multi-seasonal interest. With a height of 28-34 inches, it thrives in zones 4-9 and is deer resistant.

Color Coded® ‘Yellow My Darling’ Echinacea

The tough and beautiful Color Coded® ‘Yellow My Darling’ Echinacea is a perennial powerhouse. Its sunny rays of flowers age to creamy yellow, and it’s a wildlife-friendly native, attracting birds with its seedheads. Plant it in a mixed border or bed and enjoy its beauty throughout the seasons. With a height of 18-24 inches, this perennial thrives in zones 4-8 and is deer resistant.

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Decadence® ‘Lemon Meringue’ Baptisia

For height and elegance, consider the Decadence® ‘Lemon Meringue’ Baptisia. This sturdy native perennial boasts tall yellow flowers that add drama to mixed borders or garden beds. Its pea-like blooms occur on long stems from late spring to early summer. Tolerant of poor soils and extremely long-lived, it thrives in zones 4-9, reaching a height of 3 feet.

‘Firefly Sunshine’ Achillea

With its dark green ferny foliage and clusters of tiny bright yellow flowers, the ‘Firefly Sunshine’ Achillea is a long-lived cottage garden staple that provides lasting color. It tolerates drought and various growing conditions, making it a reliable choice for the summer garden. With a height of 28-30 inches, it thrives in zones 3-8, and it’s both deer and rabbit resistant.

Pyromania® ‘Solar Flare’ Kniphofia

For a vibrant display, the Pyromania® ‘Solar Flare’ Kniphofia is hard to beat. Its towering spikes of golden yellow flowers add vertical drama to informal borders or curbside plantings. This reliable perennial is tolerant of heat, drought, and poor soils, and it blooms continuously throughout the summer. With a height of 36-42 inches, it thrives in zones 5-9, and it’s both deer and rabbit resistant.

Rainbow Rhythm® ‘Going Bananas’ Hemerocallis

The Rainbow Rhythm® ‘Going Bananas’ Hemerocallis is an outstanding reblooming daylily that adds a ray of sunshine to any border, bed, or slope. Its fragrant lemony flowers are a delight, and these long-lived plants are tolerant of various soil conditions. Reliable in most growing regions, they thrive in zones 3-9, reaching a height of 19-22 inches.

Yellow Flowering Shrubs to Brighten Your Landscape

Blues Festival® Hypericum

For foliage and flower interest, the Blues Festival® Hypericum is a reliable and maintenance-free shrub. Its steel blue foliage contrasts beautifully with its sunburst bright yellow summer flowers. Whether used in a mixed border, massed along a slope, or as a foundation planting, this shrub adds elegance to any landscape. With a height of 2-3 feet, it thrives in zones 4-7, and it’s deer resistant.

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Happy Face® Yellow Potentilla

The Happy Face® Yellow Potentilla is a hardy, carefree shrub that adds multi-seasonal interest even in the coldest regions. With its extra-large strawberry-like flowers that bloom nonstop from spring to frost, it brings a touch of sunshine to any garden. Use it along a foundation, in mixed borders, or for mass plantings. With a height of 2-3 feet, it thrives in zones 2-7, and it’s deer resistant.

Oso Easy Lemon Zest® Rosa

For carefree color in the landscape, the Oso Easy Lemon Zest® Rosa is unmatched. Its pretty yellow roses stand out against glossy green foliage. With single-petaled blooms that are fade-resistant and self-cleaning, this maintenance-free shrub is a true delight. Hardy in zones 4-9, it reaches a height of 2-3 feet.

‘Scentsation’ Lonicera

To add both height and fragrance to your yard, the ‘Scentsation’ Lonicera is the perfect choice. This showy climbing shrub offers pale lemony yellow flowers from mid-spring to late summer, followed by attractive red berries. Train it up an arbor, trellis, or fence, and enjoy the intoxicating fragrance it brings. With a height of 8-10 feet, it thrives in zones 4-9, and it’s deer resistant.

Show Off® Forsythia

A sure sign of spring, the Show Off® Forsythia brightens up any border or foundation planting with cheerful golden flowers. This improved form produces a profusion of flowers from top to bottom, adding a burst of color to your landscape. With a height of 5-6 feet, it thrives in zones 5-8 and is both deer and rabbit resistant.

Sister Golden Hair® Cytisus

For an elegant weeping form, the Sister Golden Hair® Cytisus is a standout choice. Covered with brilliant yellow pea-like flowers in spring, it creates a dazzling display when planted alongside bulbs such as daffodils and tulips. With a height of 12-18 inches, it thrives in zones 5-8 and adds a touch of sophistication to any garden.

Are you ready to infuse your garden with the beauty of tall plants with yellow flowers? With a wide range of annuals, perennials, and shrubs to choose from, you can create a vibrant and joyful outdoor space that will be the envy of all who see it. Don’t wait any longer—start planning your yellow flower garden today!

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Supertunia Limoncello Petunia
Superbells Lemon Slice Calibrachoa
Suncredible Yellow Helianthus
Bright Lights Yellow Osteospermum
Catalina Gilded Grape Torenia
Double Delight Primrose Begonia
Flambe Yellow Chrysocephalum
Amazing Daisies Banana Cream II Leucanthemum
Bottle Rocket Ligularia
Color Coded Yellow My Darling Echinacea
Decadence Lemon Meringue Baptisia
Firefly Sunshine Achillea
Pyromania Solar Flare Kniphofia
Rainbow Rhythm Going Bananas Hemerocallis
Blues Festival Hypericum
Happy Face Yellow Potentilla
Oso Easy Lemon Zest Rosa
Scentsation Lonicera
Show Off Forsythia
Sister Golden Hair Cytisus