Creating a Serene Water Terrarium for Your Home

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Do you consider yourself passionate about plants? Have you ever been called a “crazy plant lady” or “crazy plant person”? If so, you’re not alone. Many plant lovers find solace and joy in cultivating greenery within their living spaces. And if you’re someone who has struggled to keep plants alive in the past, we have an enchanting solution for you – a closed water terrarium.

The concept of a water terrarium is simple yet captivating. It involves creating a miniature ecosystem within a glass vessel, allowing your plants to thrive with minimal effort. Not only will it enhance the ambiance of your home, but it will also bring a touch of natural beauty into your daily life.

The Magic of a Closed Water Terrarium

Unlike traditional potted plants, a closed water terrarium requires very little maintenance. Once assembled, it becomes a self-sustaining environment, making it an ideal choice for busy individuals or those who struggle with plant care. The key to its success lies in its closed design, which shields the plant from excessive sunlight and minimizes evaporation.

To get started, you’ll need a few essential supplies:

  • A glass carafe with a cork stopper
  • An aquatic or semi-aquatic aquarium plant
  • Aquarium gravel
  • A wooden skewer or chopstick
  • Purified water

Water Terrarium
Image source: Ames Farm Center

Crafting Your Water Terrarium

Choosing the Perfect Vessel

Begin by selecting a glass vessel for your terrarium. Look for a carafe with a cork stopper, which can be found at stores like IKEA or Target. The cork stopper not only adds a rustic touch but also ensures that your terrarium remains closed and virtually maintenance-free.

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Selecting the Right Plant

Visit a local pet store with a fish department to find a variety of living aquarium plants. To ensure compatibility with your closed terrarium, check if the plant is aquatic or semi-aquatic. Aquatic plants thrive when fully submerged, while semi-aquatic plants require only partial submersion. If you’re unsure, don’t hesitate to ask an employee for guidance.

Aquarium Plants
Image source: Ames Farm Center

Assembly Made Easy

Now it’s time to bring your water terrarium to life. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Carefully slide a handful of aquarium gravel along the side of the glass vessel, creating a layer at the bottom. This will provide stable support for the plant.
  2. Continue sliding rocks into the jar, gently placing them over and around the plant’s roots to secure it in place.
  3. If necessary, use a wooden skewer or chopstick to adjust the foliage, ensuring that you can add rocks to the bottom without damaging the delicate plant.
  4. Depending on whether your selected plant is aquatic or semi-aquatic, partially or fully fill the carafe with purified water, which can be found at grocery or convenience stores.
  5. Lastly, push the cork stopper firmly into the carafe by hand, sealing it securely. Remember, no need to use excessive force.

Finishing Touches
Image source: Ames Farm Center

Embrace the Sublime Beauty

Congratulations! You have created your very own closed water terrarium. Place it in an area with indirect light, allowing the plants to thrive and create a serene atmosphere in your home. Remember, this little ecosystem doesn’t require frequent watering or cleaning. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the tranquil beauty of nature right within your living space.

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Water Terrarium Display
Image source: Ames Farm Center

An added benefit of a water terrarium is its ability to harmonize with other houseplants, creating delightful displays. Imagine the stunning contrast between a water terrarium, a lively Burro’s Tail, and a vibrant Purple Waffle Plant. The combination will surely captivate anyone who enters your home.

Water Terrarium Display
Image source: Ames Farm Center

As you admire your creation, take note of how the view transforms from different angles. The curve of the carafe acts almost like a fish-eye lens, offering unique perspectives on the lush plant life within. Simply walking by the bookcase where it resides becomes a moment of visual delight.

Creating a closed water terrarium is a delightful and effortless way to incorporate greenery into your home. With just a few minutes of work, you can enjoy the beauty and serenity of nature brought to life within a glass vessel. So, why not embark on this enchanting journey and embrace the magic of a water terrarium?

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