13 Enchanting Varieties of White Peonies to Transform Your Garden

Are you searching for the perfect white peony variety to add elegance and charm to your garden? Look no further! In this enchanting guide, we present 13 exquisite white peonies that have stood the test of time, captivating gardeners for over a century.

Unveiling Subtle Hues and Vibrant Surprises

White peonies are more than just pure white. They possess a touch of magic, with some showcasing delicate pink undertones that gradually fade into a snowy white, while others open to reveal delightful bursts of unexpected color.

A Plethora of Splendid Options

The world of peonies is diverse, offering a wide range of mesmerizing choices. From majestic tree peonies that reach six feet in height and width, to abundant intersectional hybrids that blossom in early summer, the options are endless. To explore these mesmerizing blooms and understand the difference between “doubles” and “singles,” delve into our comprehensive guide to the different types of peony flowers.

The Time-Honored Paeonia Lactiflora

This collection of extraordinary white peonies comprises cultivars of Paeonia lactiflora, a beloved herbaceous variety renowned for its timeless beauty. Blooming from early to late spring, Paeonia lactiflora has graced gardens across the United States and Europe for generations.

A Journey Through Time

Initially introduced as P. albiflora, or the “white-flowered peony,” P. lactiflora’s legacy dates back to the past. The name lactiflora, meaning “with milk-white flowers,” reflects its pure and delicate nature. Over the years, selective breeding has expanded the color palette, resulting in a captivating array of white peony varieties.

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Cultivating Grace and Elegance

To ensure the thriving growth of these botanical wonders, plant them in a sunny spot with well-draining soil, ideally within USDA Hardiness Zones 3 to 8. If you’re new to the exquisite world of perennial peonies, familiarize yourself with the essential planting and growing techniques by exploring our comprehensive guide.

1. Amalia Olson: A Secret Beauty

Embark on a journey with ‘Amalia Olson,’ a captivating flower with a tantalizing secret. Delicate blush-pink buds slowly unfurl to reveal snow-white petals, creating a sumptuous and fragrant spectacle. Named in honor of flower breeder Christian Olson’s mother, this cultivar has enchanted gardeners since 1959, earning an American Peony Society gold medal in 2011. With its one to one and a half-inch buds and four to eight-inch double flowers, ‘Amalia Olson’ blooms magnificently in early June.

2. Bowl of Cream: A Whipped Cream Dreamscape

Prepare to be spellbound by the luscious petals of ‘Bowl of Cream’ peonies. As the name suggests, these celestial flowers, spanning eight to ten inches, bear a striking resemblance to a bowl of decadent whipped cream. Adorned with ruffles that conceal golden stamens, these semi-double blossoms create a captivating display. This cultivar, registered and named in 1919 by flower breeder Egbert Shaylor, is a tribute to the women of his family. Starting as light pink, the crepe-papery petals swiftly transform into pure white, surrounding a golden center with dashes of red stigmas. A recipient of the Award of Landscape Merit in 2009, ‘Bowl of Cream’ blooms splendidly in early June.

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