Discover the Bright World of Yellow Lily Plants

Yellow lilies have an unmatched ability to convey feelings of happiness and gratitude, bringing a special kind of sunny joy to gardens and flower shops around the globe. These cheerful and friendly blooms, often found planted by front doors, have a welcoming presence that draws you in. It’s no wonder that they are frequently given as gifts to express sentiments of thankfulness and congratulations. While yellow may not be the most common color for lilies, the Lilium genus offers a variety of cultivars that bloom in shades of lemon, cream, mustard, and canary yellow.

If you’re looking to add some energizing color to your landscape but aren’t sure which yellow lily cultivar is right for you, this article is here to help. We’ve compiled a closer look at some of the most captivating options, complete with photos and growing information. Prepare to be inspired by the beauty and versatility of these enchanting flowers.


Lilium 'Citronella'

The ‘Citronella’ lily is an Asiatic hybrid that boasts delightful golden yellow flowers with outward-facing petals. This cultivar can reach up to 3-5 feet in height and produces slender, multi-stemmed stems that bear up to 20 flowers per plant. The golden petals are freckled with dainty brown spots and are complemented by long, chartreuse-colored stamens. With proper drainage and adequate moisture, ‘Citronella’ can naturalize and cover a large area, providing a stunning display of dark green linear foliage.

‘Connecticut King’

Lilium 'Connecticut King'

The ‘Connecticut King’ lily is an impressive Asiatic variety. Its large, citrine-yellow, cupped flowers are known for their beauty and lack of fragrance. These blooms can reach widths of 4 to 6 inches and have long, thin petals with no freckling. The centers of the ‘Connecticut King’ lily are a darker shade of yellow, with long, upright stamens that add to the overall charm. The grass-green foliage perfectly complements the bright, citrusy blooms.


Lilium 'Brushstroke'

‘Brushstroke’ is an exceptional Asiatic lily with gorgeous yellow-green flowers that feature burgundy stripes and spots near the centers. The blooms of this cultivar average 3 to 6 inches wide and face upward, revealing the striking burgundy streaks and splotches. ‘Brushstroke’ is supported by strong stems and bright green, waxy leaves. It has little to no scent and blooms for an extended period of time after cutting. Pair it with dainty yellow or white flowers for a lovely display in your garden.

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‘Lilium ‘Goldsmith’ has buttery yellow flowers with slightly recurved petals and a pleasant fragrance. As a Trumpet lily, ‘Goldsmith’ features solid, gently ruffled petals arranged in a classic 6-point fashion. The throats of the flowers are deep and house long, dangling stamens. With a height of 4-5 feet, this cultivar grows stronger each season and blooms more profusely. Ensure protection from late spring frosts, as ‘Goldsmith’ is sensitive to them.

‘Golden Splendor’

‘Lilium ‘Golden Splendor’ produces golden tubular flowers with a strong fragrance. Bronze stems and sepals provide a lovely contrast to the mostly solid, golden blooms. The flowers are outward-facing and trumpet-shaped, with petals that curl back gracefully. ‘Golden Splendor’ also features bronze-tinged foliage, adding depth to your garden. With proper care, this cultivar will produce between 12 and 20 blooms each season.

‘King Pete’

‘Lilium ‘King Pete’ has incredible yellow flowers with light brown freckles and tangerine spots. The soft yellow petals are complemented by the beautiful tangerine markings and freckles. This Asiatic beauty has slightly textured sage-green leaves, which add garden interest even after the flowers have completed their cycle. The blooms face outward and feature stiff stamens with small, light brown anthers.

‘Grand Cru’

‘Lilium ‘Grand Cru’ produces bright buttery yellow flowers with burgundy spots towards the centers. The flowers face upward in a classic trumpet shape and have slightly curled edges. With a width of roughly 5 inches, these non-fragrant blooms add a touch of elegance to any garden. The whorled, pointed, and bright green foliage that accompanies ‘Grand Cru’ enhances its overall appeal.

‘Caucasian Lily’

‘Lilium monadelphum (Species) ‘Caucasian Lily” is a native lily species from the mountains of Russia. It produces down-facing, tubular, straw-colored flowers with recurved petals and delicate burgundy freckles. The foliage is hairy and whorled, and the stems are significantly thick. While growing this species in a controlled garden environment may present some challenges, it’s worth the effort to experience its unique beauty.

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‘Beau Soleil’

‘Lilium (Longiflorum Asiatic) ‘Beau Soleil’ blooms with delightful golden yellow flowers with tiny brown freckles and prominent pistils and stamens. The blossoms of this show-stopping hybrid lily can reach sizes of 6 to 12 inches in width. The sturdy, dark green stems hold the numerous golden yellow petals that have a scattering of delicate brown freckles. ‘Beau Soleil’ is a favorite in cutting gardens due to its simplicity, subtle scent, and long vase life.

‘Conca d’Or’

‘Lilium (Oriental Trumpet) ‘Conca d’Or’ produces large funnel-shaped lemon-yellow flowers with creamy white margins. The massive, trumpet-shaped flowers have a light, fruity scent and gently ruffled and recurved petals. This cultivar reaches heights of up to 5 feet and features lanceolate and dark foliage. The striking appearance of ‘Conca d’Or’ makes it an excellent choice for rear borders and alongside fences.

‘Mrs. R.O. Backhouse’

‘Lilium (Martagon) ‘Mrs. R.O. Backhouse’ produces many hat-shaped drooping flowers with yellow petals curved back and crimson freckles. This Turk’s Cap lily has banana-hued blooms that arch backward to reveal a scattering of crimson dots. The stems are thick and do not require staking, and the narrow, spiral-form leaves enhance the overall appeal of this cultivar. ‘Mrs. R.O Backhouse’ thrives in moist conditions and is a suitable option for sites near the edge of a forest.


‘Lilium (Asiatic) ‘Pollyanna’ has incredible canary yellow cupped flowers with tangerine markings and tiny brown freckles. The upward-facing blooms of ‘Pollyanna’ feature canary yellow petals with tangerine brushmarks near the midribs, complemented by scattered brown flecks. The flowers are bowl-shaped and lightly scented, making them perfect for cutting gardens. This cultivar’s tall, sturdy stature also makes it a great choice for urban rooftops or balconies.

‘Leichtlin’s Lily’

‘Lilium Leichtlinii (Asiatic) ‘Leichtlin’s Lily’ has golden-yellow Turk’s Cap-shaped flowers hanging down, with orange-brown freckles and anthers. The vibrant Asiatic cultivar features sunny, golden yellow blooms with rust-colored freckles and anthers. The flowers have a traditional Turk’s Cap shape, and the stems are chocolate brown, providing a stunning contrast. ‘Leichtlin’s Lily’ naturalizes quickly and produces up to 20 blooms at maturity.

‘Tiny Bee’

‘Lilium (Dwarf Asiatic) ‘Tiny Bee’ produces bright pineapple yellow flowers with dark green waxy foliage. This miniature Asiatic lily is known for its striking pineapple yellow blooms that are mostly solid in color. The leaves are strappy, dark green, and have a waxy finish. ‘Tiny Bee’ is highly resistant to fungus and root rot, making it an excellent choice for areas with less-than-perfect soil conditions. Its spiky, upright personality makes it a great central figure in mixed containers.

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‘Canada Lily’

‘Lilium Canadense ‘Canada Lily” is a lovely North American lily that produces bell-shaped drooping flowers with yellow petals curved back and red freckles on their interiors. This cultivar is known for its beautiful banana-like petals that arch backward, revealing a scattering of red freckles. ‘Canada Lily’ can produce around 20 bell-shaped flowers per stem, attracting beneficial insects with its long, dangling stamens. It thrives in moist but well-draining soil and spreads quickly through wind-dispersed seeds.


‘Lilium (Asiatic) ‘Cocotte’ charms with its pineapple-yellow flowers, which are often used in flower arrangements. The flat, ovate petals of this striking Asiatic lily are pineapple yellow in color, with cherry red margins and anthers. ‘Cocotte’ blooms in abundance on top of finely textured foliage, offering a more rounded habit compared to other lily cultivars. It is a pollen-free variety, making it perfect for bringing inside without causing allergies.

‘Miss Peculiar’

‘Lilium (Oriental Trumpet) ‘Miss Peculiar” produces creamy white flowers with golden yellow stars in their centers. This jumbo-sized Oriental Trumpet hybrid lily is known for its large, bell-shaped flowers that face outward. The petals gently curl back, revealing golden yellow stars on their throats. ‘Miss Peculiar’ has strong stems that require staking in exposed areas. Plant it along a fence or next to the house to enjoy its captivating beauty.

Now that you’ve explored the enchanting world of yellow lilies, you can select the perfect cultivars to add a touch of joy and vibrancy to your garden. From the delicate ‘Citronella’ to the show-stopping ‘Conca d’Or,’ these yellow lilies will bring warmth and beauty to any landscape. Embrace the sunshine and create a stunning display with these captivating flowers. For more information and a wide selection of yellow lilies, visit the Ames Farm Center, where you’ll find everything you need to cultivate your dream garden.