Discover the Beauty of the Red Yucca


The red yucca, hailed as the newest Texas Superstar plant, is a versatile and hardy succulent native to Texas. Also known as pink yucca, soft-tip yucca, or samadoque, this beloved plant is a favorite among gardeners in the southwestern United States. Its unique characteristics make it stand out among other yuccas and aloe plants, creating a stunning addition to any landscape.

Getting to Know the Red Yucca

The red yucca showcases thick, sword-shaped leaves, distinct from those of other yucca varieties. These dark green leaves form a cluster of rosettes, producing striking tubular flowers with trumpet-shaped flared tips. Typically, the flowers are pale pink spikes or narrow sparsely branched panicles in coral or salmon-pink hues. However, they can also appear in rare shades of red or yellow. The red yucca’s flowering season is a spectacle to behold, with multiple blooms throughout the growing season.

Red Yucca Maintenance and Care

Thriving in most parts of Texas, the red yucca is an incredibly resilient plant. It adapts well to a wide range of soils, from alkaline to acidic, and withstands both drought and heat. This makes it an ideal choice for dry, hot, and exposed locations. Additionally, the red yucca is a low-maintenance plant, requiring minimal attention once established.

Suggested Uses for Red Yucca

Red yucca’s diverse range of landscape applications sets it apart from other xeric succulents. Its showy flowers, long blooming periods, and slow-spreading clumps make it a versatile choice for various design styles. Whether in rock gardens, xeric landscapes, or as an accent beneath trees, the red yucca adds a touch of elegance. Furthermore, its soft leaves make it suitable for areas with pedestrian traffic. Dry slopes, rocky outcroppings, and patio containers all provide excellent opportunities to showcase the beauty of this plant. And let’s not forget its value in pollinator gardens, where the repeated flowering attracts a delightful array of insects.

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Discover the Texas Superstar

To be designated as a Texas Superstar, a plant must not only thrive throughout the Lone Star State but also be easily propagated and reasonably priced. The red yucca meets these criteria with flying colors. Its availability in nurseries and retail garden centers across Texas ensures that this extraordinary plant is within reach for all garden enthusiasts. Furthermore, the red yucca’s diversity expands with dwarf forms, hybrids, and new selections featuring captivating red or yellow flowers. Truly, the red yucca is a prime example of an Earth-Kind plant, unfussy about soil or moisture availability, and a showstopper throughout the year.

Red Yucca


The red yucca’s recognition as a Texas Superstar plant is well-deserved. Its adaptability, resilience, and striking beauty make it an excellent choice for any garden or landscape design. From its thick sword-shaped leaves to its vibrant tubular flowers, the red yucca captures the essence of the Texas landscape. So, whether you’re seeking an eye-catching focal point or a low-maintenance addition to your garden, the red yucca is sure to exceed your expectations.

For more information on the red yucca and other exceptional plants, visit the Ames Farm Center.