The Enchanting Beauty of Raven ZZ Plants: A Complete Care Guide

Welcome to the mesmerizing world of Raven ZZ plants! If you’re a houseplant enthusiast seeking an easy and captivating addition to your collection, look no further. The Raven ZZ, a remarkable cultivar of Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, stands out with its dark, almost black foliage and graceful lines. Join us on a journey to discover the secrets of caring for this stunning plant.

Closeup on a raven zz plant

Raven ZZ Plant Care

Light Requirements

One of the great advantages of Raven ZZ plants is their ability to thrive in low-light conditions, making them perfect for offices, bathrooms, and rooms with limited sunlight. While they can survive in lower light, they truly flourish in bright indirect light. Avoid placing them in direct sunlight to prevent leaf burn. In darker spots, ensure the plant is in a well-draining pot and soil, and be cautious not to overwater.

Water Needs

Originating from eastern Africa, where they endure prolonged periods of drought, Raven ZZ plants have developed rhizomes and sturdy stems to store water. As a result, they require less frequent watering compared to other indoor plants. Water your Raven ZZ when the soil is almost completely dry. Before watering, gently aerate the soil with a wooden chopstick or small soil rake, ensuring not to disturb the rhizomes. Water until it drains out of the pot’s drainage holes, and avoid leaving water in the saucer as Raven ZZs are susceptible to root rot.

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A small trowel clears soil away from a rhizome


To safeguard your Raven ZZ plant from root rot, select a well-draining soil mix. A good potting soil will suffice, but if you tend to overwater, consider adding perlite or pumice for improved drainage, or create your own soilless potting mix.

Humidity Requirements

Raven ZZ plants are resilient and adaptable when it comes to humidity. They can easily thrive in the relatively low humidity found in most indoor spaces without the need for a humidifier.

A close up showing how leaflets grow


Keep your Raven ZZ plant healthy and vibrant by feeding it with a balanced liquid fertilizer several times a year.

Wipe down the leaves

Ensure optimal photosynthesis by regularly wiping the leaves of your ZZ Raven plant when they accumulate dust. Avoid using commercial leaf shine products and instead, use a soft cloth dampened with lukewarm water. Alternatively, simplify your plant care routine by using a pest prevention spray, like the Leaf Wellness Spray containing neem oil, to both clean the leaves and deter pests.

Close up on the frond of zz leaves

Unveiling the Mysteries

Why is my ZZ Raven plant leaning to the side?

Plants naturally lean towards their light source, especially when exposed to limited light. To encourage upright growth, rotate the pot a quarter turn every few months.

Raven ZZ plant care: How often should I water?

The watering frequency for your Raven ZZ plant depends on its light and temperature conditions. In the summer, with ample sunlight, you may need to water every 2-4 weeks. However, during the darker winter months, watering can be reduced to every 1-2 months. Monitor the soil closely, water when it is almost dry, and remember that Raven ZZs store water in their stems and rhizomes.

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A raven zz plant in front of a window

Why aren’t the leaves black?

Rest assured, non-black leaves are simply the youthful stage of a Raven ZZ plant! When the leaves first unfurl, they display a vibrant shade of green. Over time, these leaves will gradually darken and transform into the mesmerizing black foliage that characterizes the Raven ZZ.

Are Raven ZZ plants safe for pets?

Unfortunately, Raven ZZ plants are toxic if ingested, so it is essential to keep them out of reach of small children and pets. Exercise caution and admire their enchanting beauty from a safe distance.

A lush raven zz plant in front of a wallpapered wall

Where can I buy a Raven ZZ plant?

While they were once considered rare, Raven ZZ plants have become increasingly available in recent months. You can find them in garden centers, nurseries, and even some big-box stores. Embark on a journey to find this captivating plant and add a touch of dark elegance to your collection.

Share the magic of Raven ZZ plants with your fellow plant lovers and let them experience the allure of this enchanting cultivar.

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